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Chemicals and aerosol manufacturer sees exceptional first quarter growth to double the size of its own-branded product business.


James Briggs, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of aerosol and consumer chemicals, is celebrating exceptional results for the branded side of its business after recording 112 per cent year on year growth for the first quarter of its financial year.


The Oldham-based manufacturer, which also boasts a large private label operation, has enjoyed both organic and acquisitional growth in the period July to September after it acquired market-leading cleaning product manufacturer, Premiere Products.


Organic growth, which accounted for 45 per cent of the figure, was driven by James Briggs’ newly rebranded automotive paint, Hycote, and commercial cleaning range, Nilco. The Nilco brand matched the impressive overall growth by recording a 112 per cent increase on last year’s figures as James Briggs expanded its existing client base, notably through a major nationwide supply agreement with B&Q.


Commenting on the figures, Tim Pugh, CEO of James Briggs, said: “As the management team has recognised in its continued investment in James Briggs, the business has exceptional potential for growth. We are seeing the continual fruition of that investment having developed our sales and marketing structure, as well as upgrading our infrastructure, manufacturing and IT.


“While the purchase of Premiere Products will undoubtedly be a major growth driver in the future, we’re equally extremely pleased to see our existing brands thriving to push the business forward. This core growth is reward for the conditions put in place to improve our branded offering and we expect to see this success continue into our second quarter.”